1000 dolares de PDFs de RPG a venda por 20$...e ajuda-se o Haiti.


Não sei quem aqui gosta de adquirir produtos de RPG em formato PDF, mas chamo a vossa atenção para o seguinte.

"As you may or may not know, the disaster in Haiti is unimaginable. The death toll increases by the day, and relief supplies are at a bare minimum. Doctors Without Borders has been there from the start to help these people and could use all the relief supplies they can get. DriveThruRPG/RPGNow has been collecting donations for this organization. With the help of many of you, they have collected (at the time of this writing) over $5000 from gamers to help the people of Haiti in their hour of greatest need. This is commendable, but OneBookShelf (the parent company of DriveThruRPG and RPGNow) and many publishers desire to help even more.

To this end, we publishers are giving away over $1000 of gaming material in a special bundle sold through OneBookShelf sites for a $20 donation. All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders to help the people of Haiti.

For those that do not feel that they can give $20, there are also $10 and $5 bundle options. Both are listed in the Top 10 section so should be easy to find.

We publishers would like to thank everyone in advance of their generous donation."

Talvez seja de aproveitar; infelizmente de momento parece que a adesão foi tanta que os sites foram abaixo. Nem vos sei dizer que materiais o bundle contem. Talvez valha a pena tentar mais tarde.

A editora de RPGs (Polaris, Bliss Stage, etc.) Tao Games lançou uma iniciativa onde se compromete a doar 5$ por cada compra dos livros Polaris, Bliss Stage e Drifter’s Escape, para quem já tenha gasto 10$ ou mais na compra deste livros pode receber os PDFs de borla, perante a apresentação electrónica do recibo.

"the drunks of the Red-Piss Legion refuse to be vanquished"

Parece que os sites ja estao a funcionar de novo. Caramba! A lista de material e gigantesca...