[27/11/2014] Olisippo Obscura - Vampire LARP Lisboa: The Hole of the Rabid Rabbit




IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, WRITE A MAIL TO: [email protected]


Game details

Location: Fábrica Braço de Prata

Language: English

Experience required: No particular experience is required and the Game is open both to beginners and advanced players.

We will be really glad if some video/photographer would like to join.


In Vampire, characters play vampires, also called Kindred, descendants of Caine (the Biblical Cain), cursed with a thirst for blood, vulnerability to sunlight and immortality. Vampires are forever subject to the Beast, their raging animal urges of hunger, fear and rage.

Vampires generally live in cities, which are run feudally by Princes; life in a city is one of constant political manipulation and paranoia, as the powers of the city vie for power, control and food.

Vampires are creatures ruled by fear, most importantly the fear of exposure to the Kine, everyday humanity. Since the Inquisition the majority of vampires have lived under the Masquerade, an enforced campaign to hide the existence of the Kindred from humanity.

Vampire is a game of personal horror: the characters are continually forced to walk a moral tightrope between their need to survive and the horrific means by which they ensure it.

Gameplay, attitude, hints and tips for a good night in the Darkness

The Game will be only in English.

The Game is open to any level of LARP player.

Every player will play their own character. Every player will play their own character. New players that would be interested to try the Game, could join to play as NPC. Ask to the StoryTellers for more informations.

For any other questions write a mail to [email protected]