3 x Spectral Tigers para oferecer

Locais onde pode tentar a tua sorte:

Porto - Games Stage - Parque Nascente

Coimbra - Inforhobbies

Lisboa - Replay Zone - C.C. Alegro

Todos podem participar e como é Sealed não tens que ter ja as miniaturas, jogas com o que te sai. A carta esta avaliada em 900-1200$ por isso vale bem a pena.

Info oficial:

On March 14th, World of Warcraft Miniatures fans can join the hunt of a lifetime at Spectral Safari events taking place around the world. The winner of each event will get their own Spectral Tiger Loot card, the rarest and most coveted of all the Loot cards released in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game!

Entry: 16€

Format: 1-pack Sealed - Players will receive a single Booster pack and play with two of the minis they open.



The first 25 players to sign up for the tournament will each receive an Ashenvale map made just for the event!

And Tigers!

The winner of each Spectral Safari event will get a Spectral Tiger Loot card, the most coveted card to be printed to date in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game!

And Bears, Oh My!

One lucky participant will be randomly selected to win a Red Bearron Loot card!

Honey I Shrunk the…

Everyone who plays in, judges, or organizes an event will be entered into a drawing for the chance to have their online character made into a Mini that will be released in a future World of Warcraft Miniatures expansion! All you have to do is show up to play and you’ll be included in this drawing!


World of Warcraft Miniatures booster packs will also be given out as prizes.