Beyond the Veil - Lost

Lisbon, March 2017

The reign of the Court of Winter is almost over and the Spring is rising again.

A week before the passage of the leadership, León Snart, the King of Winter asked for an urgent meeting: the Vampires angered a Fae and now they are planning a retaliation against the bloodsuckers of Lisbon!

Naturally they will also try to find their former slaves whilst destroying the society of the Vampires for their own pleasure.

The Changelings of Lisbon have always used the Vampiric society as a decoy to avoid unwanted attentions, providing help to some of them, such as magic artifacts, information and more, in order to have they safe-zones where to meet and live.

The King of Winter wants to meet the future ruler of the Spring to discuss the matter and plan their next actions: this could be the end of their society and the Courts must act all together to avoid to be enslaved once more time!



This is a Live Action Game event related to the Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle created by Olisippo Obscura and settled in the world of Changeling the Lost.

The Player will portray a Lost member of the society of the Changelings of Lisbon.

A Live Action Game is a mixture of impro theater and role-playing game where the participants act out their fictional characters' actions in a real environment.

The event will be reserved only for the Players of Olisippo Obscura.

Public is not allowed.

The Live Action Game will be played in English.

The event will have an entrance fee of 3€ to cover the Game expenses.

The Location of the event will be provided only to the confirmed Players.

If you want to try a Live Action Game and enter the World of Darkness for one night only, contact us!