Call of Cuthulhu Living Card game

Anybody plays this game near Lisboa / Cascais and wants to meet to play and trade ?

Hey mate, I'm waiting for my first decks to arrive (online trade).

They're from the pre-LCG CCG, but from what I gather they're pretty much the same game and thus compatible.

I have yet to play the game, but would be very interested in finding a worthy foe Cool

I'm from Cascais, Amoreira to be precise.

Let me know if you're interested in arranging a couple of games.


Ivo P.

Hi Ivo,

The cards are 100% compatible, the collectible card game has the same mechanics as the Living card game, however some (not all) of the cards of the original card game are deemed too powerful and haven't been reprinted.If 2 opponents agree to use that as a cardpool it's ok, if one use opponent uses it and the other one doesn't it can be a bit one sided.  (imagine playing a Magic Type 2 deck against a type 1 deck including, moxes, time walk, etc.  winning could be done by the type 2 deck but it would need lots of luck and a very stupid opponent basically). I also bought cards from the 2 cardpools so for me no problem to use the old cards, but you have to be aware of this when you play other people

I dont know if I have anough cards yet to compile a good deck (im also still buying cards) but we can meet and see, I have cards that are up for trade if you want.  I've played a lot a lot already with other people's cards so Im familiar with the rules.

I live in Carcavelos, quinta da sao Goncalo, send me a PM, we will give you my messenger and sype accounts, we can talk to see when we can meet. I can drive to you or you can come to my flat.

eheh =)



nota: (não sei deixar imagem por isso deixei o link) E a linguagem de memes tem de ser em inglês, não me critiquem por também não responder em português.

I don't get what the message is supposed to convey.

My decks should arrive within the next week, I'll hit you up when they do.


I've been informed by the sender that, by lapse, they're lacking story cards, but I've in the meanwhile found a couple of people willing to sell only those, and until I get my own we can still play, since they're shared by both opponents so it shouldn't matter who provides them. 


My email is ivo.pinteus and then the hotmail appendix. I use it for Skype as well, but you'll have to mail me first, I'm never on unless previous arrangements had been made.


And thanks, by the way. I guess I'll be able to play the game soon after all.

I was kind of expecting a couple of half-assed games per semester, with the wife, as a reward for mowing the lawn. fighting 

My friends have no love for eldritch things, either. So it's really cool to meet a "neighbour" who does.



Hello there!


I know one guy that's very active in CoC:LCG!
He says it's his fav game, so...


You can find him here, in this forum:

He's nicknamed Godshand. But you can open a thread and replies will come!


My fav card game right now is Game of Thrones LCG, if you have cards drop me a word to play in Lisbon.
But next week I'll be testing CoC:LCG to see if it's good! ;)




Do you know if this Godshand is from around Lisbon ?

When you say you live for the Funk, you mean the 70 stuff or Baile Funk ?


He's from Porto and Lisboa, but he spends all his time here in Lisboa.

He was also looking for CoC players… I've played a couple o' games with him in Devir Arena gaming store.

The Funk line is a line from the great Biggie song Machine Gun Funk. But I also dig 70's Funk and Soul tunes! :wink: