Chronicles of Lisbon - A Olisippo Obscura Vampire the Masquerade Live Action Game

The Domain of Lisbon is ruled with the iron fist of the Brujah Prince Artemio Astolfo Antonacci whilst the “King of Spiders”, the Nosferatu Primogen Mayem do Pombo, weaves its web of intrigues in the underground.
The former Prince, the Cappadocian Elder Dame Alice Kyteler, has settled permanently in the Domain, apparently apart from the political unlife.
Some of the old Kindreds of the Domain moved on new adventures while new ones joined this peculiar Domain.
They will face new intrigues and mysteries and old friends and enemies.
The Kindreds are receiving strange emails and messages.
Someone called The Observer is recruiting allies to fight a mysterious enemy.
The streets are dangerous these nights. Something is happening.
Will you go down in the dark alleys or will you cowardly prefer the quiet of the Elysium?
If you are interested to join, send an email to [email protected] to receive further information.
Game details
Rules: By Night Studios MET: Vampire The Masquerade + Some homemade adaptation for the LARP Chronicle.
Date and Location: Date and Location will be provided only to the confirmed players and may vary from the one established on the event.
Price: normally 2€ / session, but it may vary from session to session, according to the LARP expenses.
New Players play for free their first session.
Language: English only (IN GAME)
But do not worry if you feel that your english is not good enough! 
We are a multicultural group with different backgrounds: we are still improving our own english and we are doing it also through the game experience all together!
Experience required: No particular experience is required and the Game is open both to beginners and advanced players.
We will be really glad if some video/photographer would like to join.
Each player will portray their own character. 
New players normally start as NPCs to ease the understanding of the game and its mechanics.
Ask to the StoryTellers for more informations.