Dear Ian


Dear Ian,

First of all, let me tell you what a terrible brother you are, making me have to reach you through a letter.

And if Samuel hadn't come here, I would probably have to put this in the mail!

Now, what does this tell you of your brotherly obligations??

Well, but apart from that, I'm always happy to talk to Samuel. He really likes you, you know? When I arrived home (well, the hotel actually, but if we don't move soon, I'll really start to consider this home), Samuel and Dad were talking about you.

I wasn't stealthy enough to overhear it, but it looked like Dad was saying something about you being almost lost to us and Samuel was (very protectively, I must add) saying the exact opposite. I heard something about "Ian just needs to be taken care of in his vulnerable state". I'm not sure what the context was, but it sounded really romantic!

And you're such a lucky guy; I never realized how handsome Samuel is. Go you!

Unfortunately, he doesn't have time to chat, he just promised to wait for the letter as he was discussing Dad’s case. I would really like to know how you are! And since you're such an unconsidered jerk, I have to wait for other people to bring me news!

I really wanted to call you tonight; I have lots to tell you! But Samuel said you would be going to a secret cult meeting to rise Dracula, so he can stop the gang attack!

Was he making fun of me or of you?! I really hope he wasn't making fun of my dear mad undead brother! Or else I won't let him marry you!

By the way, has he proposed, yet?

You don't tell me anything, I hate you!!!

And you don’t let me help you!!

Oh, come on!! You can’t be a vampire on your own! I mean, what do you know about this? You were never even gothic!! I’ve been searching in books and I’ve come to some conclusions that might help you, “new child of the night”.

For what I read, there are similarities in all cultures. And that is that vampires are dead people and that they are quite a bore to the living! Sorry.

So… starting way back:

- The Sumerian believed in a thing called “ekimmu”. That came into being when someone dyed a violent death and wasn’t buried right away. Well, it doesn’t say anywhere that they are vampires, they could be ghosts. But supposedly they would torment the living, making them die for no apparent reason.

- In mesopotania there seemed to be a really cool legend about “the seven demons”. I can’t find much about them, apart that they were born from Lilith (who I think was also a demon…). Anyway, supposedly they made it rain blood, and all the humans that bathe in it would become slaves and demon worshipers.

- Kali. Can the cult of Kali have something to do with vampires? Well, it involves blood! Ohh! And her statues have fangs!! Vampire!!!

- In China there were the “Chiang- shih” ((Who invents these names??), who supposedly is a soul who, after a violent death, can’t rest. It’s a night creature, so (according to the book), evil. The “Chiang – thing” would torture and mutilate the viticms before sucking they’re soul.

- In Japan they had the Kappa, who seem to be quite friendly compared to the other bunch. They were undead humans, too scared of humanity and of life, so they would only suck small animals. Cowards and not very respectable!!!

- In Europe we have the already romanced legends. In Romenia, the vampires are called Strigoi. And they seem to be quite like Dracula. They fear crosses, garlic and speak with a cool ascent.

Ok, so… vampires are created when someone dies a painfull or violent death.

Was it your case?

Looks like someone who dies after being excommunicated also becomes a risen dead. And of course, anyone who was bitten by a vampire turns to one as well. But this last part can’t be right, because you’ve been biting people and they don’t all turn to vampires, right? The whole city would be populated by vampires if that were the case.

Folklore claims that they (sorry, you) are night creatures. Of course, the “why” is missing. But in there are differences, not all cultures say that can only walk the night. There are those who say that vampires “prefer” the night, others that they are weaken in the day, but can still move, and others say you’ll turn to dust! So….. try to keep home from 7 to 7, just to be safe.

A wooden stake through the heart is the popular mean to destroy you guys, but I guess you already know that! But why does it kill a vampire? Ok, it would kill anyone, true. But…. Well, you told me your heart doesn’t beat, so what’s the point of driving a stake through it? If it doesn’t beat, it won’t stop the blood pumping!

Another mean was decapitation. Well, that too, would kill anyone.

There is also the practice of cutting the vampires in small pieces and drop them in running water.

Burning a vampire was also a common mean to destroy him. Of course, that too, would kill anyone! But apparently, burning a vampire frees his souls and washes away his sins.

I’ve also read about removing the heart, but that’s as logic as the stake! I mean, your heart doesn’t pump blood. (Wow, does this mean you don’t need any of your organs? You could just remove them?)

You can also get killed by anything blessed. Which can include bullets, knives….

Sorry to tell you, but the “drink from me and live forever” thing is just publicity. You die as humans.

So now for the cool part:

- Vampire tend to be extremely beautifull or really horrible!

- In some cultures, they are extremely sexual creatures (got to ask Samuel about that part! Hihihi)

- Vampires can turn to bats and smoke

- Vampires can summon storms

- Vampires can fly

- Vampires are immortal (apart from the hundred possible ways of killing them)

- Vampires can read your mind

- Vampires can climb through walls, as a spider

- Vampires command animals

- Vampires shape shadows and command darkness (this one sounds well, even though I’m not sure what it means)

I guess if you had any of these things you would tell me! Because you know I would be furious if you didn’t and a might get a stake and hit you on the head!!

I know a lot more, but I won’t tell you anything until you take me for that ice cream you promised!! You can bring Samuel too, if you want. But you’ll have to show me all your vampiric powers!

Now seriously, Ian, you can’t keep running from us. We’re all worried, especially dad. I know be blames himself for not being able to help you.

I know our last family reunions didn’t go very well, but that’s no reason to hide from us. We’re family and, like grandpa says, we’ll fugure out a way to live with this as family!

I mean!! Come on, Dad already accepted the fact that you’re gay! He just has to swallow the vampire part! And I’ll help you. And so will grandpa, and even Dad, if you just try to talk to them.

So, come out of the shadow, little vampire!! We won’t bite.



Eis que chega mais um write-up mesmo à última hora :) Segundo o site, já foi postado 27 minutos depois da meia-noite, mas eu vou considerar o esforço.

Está fixe a pesquisa que ela fez e está com piada. Agora, compreendo que tenhas dito que não estavas muito satisfeita com este texto. Ao contrário do anterior, este write-up não nos leva a conhecer melhor nem a Diane nem o Ian. Eu tinha talvez posto menos pontos de exclamação e mais de interrogação, de forma a ela questionar concretamente o Ian sobre o que ele anda a fazer e imaginar ela as respostas.

Assim sendo, o nosso irmão preferido recebe 15 XPs + 5 de bónus. Vezes dois dá 40 pontos de experiência no total. Nada mau.

Bom, realmente pontos a dobrar é fixe, mas n gosto do texto, po isso, vou tira-lo. :) (mas deixo o comentario antes de tirar o texto! lol)

Fica com os pontos e não apagues o texto.
Quando tiveres disposição, fazes edit e reescreves o write-up. A ideia da carta está fixe, deixa-a estar no site.