Detalhes de Starcraft: the Boardgame!

O criador do tão esperado Starcraft: the Boardgame, Corey Konieczka, deu uma entrevista ao [b]Dice Tower[/b] onde entre outras coisas falou em detalhe de alguns aspectos do jogo que será apresentado nos próximos dias 3 e 4 de Agosto na [b]Bilzzcon[/b].


Info do jogo:

* The game is for 2 - 6 players.

* The game will take from 2 hours (2 player) to 4+ hours (6 player) to play

* The game will be in FFG's Big Box format, packed with:
- about 180 plastic mini's in 6 colours from the 3 races, with some individual sculpts for each race (7 or 8 for the Zerg for example)
- 8 sheets of punchboard for the tokens and planets etc
- A faction sheet for each race, to keep track of base upgrades and the number of workers they have.
- Reference sheets
- a large rulebook
- 330 full sized cards, including resource cards, special ability cards, combat cards.

* Each player starts with 2 randomly assigned planets which they place at the start of the game, and connect with "space connector" pieces. This comprises the board. Players then choose one planet to be thier home base.

* The victory conditions require either fulfilling your race specific objective OR aquiring 15 "Conquest Points". Conquest points can be attained by taking over planets or areas of planets.

* The boardgame differs from the video game in that the boardgame is a game of galactic conquest as opposed to planetry conquest.

* You can research technologies from the videogame, for example you can research the ghosts cloaking and nuclear strike ability.

* Players can play Zerg vs Zerg, Terran vs Terran etc

* The combat system is card based with no dice/random numbers involved. players will have a deck of combat cards. Each card will have between 1 and 3 unit types that it can be used with. When a battle occurs, the initiating player will lay face down (assumedly) one card next to each unit in the region where the battle is occuring. The other player will then do the same for each of thier units. The cards may additionally invoke special abilities of the unit (for example splash damage for siege tanks). The cards are then revealed simulataneously and the result of the combat is determined. Technology cards can be purchased during the game and will be shuffled into your combat deck, giving you upgraded combat abilities. There are no hit points, and thus no bookkeeping for units, as the combat cards are used a resource you manage to emulate unit hitpoints, and they are depleted as you use them for combat.

* As would be expected Zerg will have cheap, easily produced weak units such as zerglings. Protoss have more expensive, slower to produce units.

* The complexity level will be similar to Tide of Iron, and maybe slightly less than Twilight Imperium.

* The first demos of the game will be in a couple of weeks at Blizcon 3-4 of August.

Para quem estiver interessado, as regras já estão disponíveis na web: