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Take the quiz: “Which Star Wars character are you?”

You are Leia Organa Skywalker Solo. Quite a mouthful! You are daughter of Vader, Wife of Han Solo, Mother of Anakin Solo and Founder of the New Republic. You are brave, intelligient, cunning, force powerful and politically adept. You were adopted by Senator Mothma and gained valuable information needed for the destruction of the Death Star. You are a rue heroine!

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Take the quiz: “Which Star Wars character are you?”

You are the Dark Lord of the Sith! You get corrupted by Darth Sidious but redeem yourself when your son almost dies by his hands. You were born from a true hero and die ending the life of the last sith.You are one of the most evil men in Star Wars,famous for killing eeryone you meet who fails you without second thought and almost killing your son. You are a truly evil bastard but you have the potentila to be a great hero if you join your son.