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When war broke out in August 1914, the majority of military commanders felt that the war would be over by Christmas. The early clashes developed into huge offensives all ending in stalemate.

Battlefield technology and tactics evolved at a spectacular pace with the tank, airplane support and coordinated bombardment becoming commonplace.

As 1918 dawned these new weapons of war spearheaded the offensives, but it was still the soldier’s war to win or lose, where men endured heroically under fire.

The Great War core rulebook contains the following:

• A brief historical overview.

• Western Front 1914 and 1918 British, French and German Battalion level army lists.

• Sample army rosters so you can start collecting and playing quickly.

• Standard and Operational Missions.

• Inspiring photographs of the armies for reference when painting and collecting.

The Great War core rulebook is the first in a series enabling gamers to recreate the conflicts of World War One on the table-top.