[color=#0000FF][size=15]A encomenda de FOW irá sair amanhã (QUINTA-FEIRA) as 12H, o prazo para ela chegar será na próxima quinta-feira as novidades que sairam desde a última encomenda são:

GE211 S307(f) Halftrack (Pioneer)

Pioneer Panzerwagen S307 (f), built on Somua MCG 307 chassis (1943/45).
Approx. 176 where converted to 4 styles of armored halftracks.
About 20 of these were built as Pioneer-Panzerwagen.
Specialty vehicle used only by 21st Panzer German pioneers. The platoon has from 4 to 7 of these.
It is very unique, but players that want to play this force will need a handful of them.

Want a different looking German Half-Track? This one is "Way Cool" to have a unique Army…

GE251 Sd Kfz 251/2D (with 80mm mortar)

One of the long awaited LATE-war Festung Europa German Halftracks.
When you choose a Panzer grenadier HQ box then you should have at least 2xGE251 to complement your army.
They are used by Gepanzerte Panzer grenadier force and from 2 to 8 can be used by this force.
(2 in the weapons platoon, 6 in the armoured mortar platoon).
A more specialty piece but still a classic of this type of company force.

UBX01 Armoured rifle platoon (New Version with plastic parts)

We have updated this box with unique HTs and plastic for the tracks and wheels.
This also contains a whole new range of 46 sculpted figures.
With the 5 individually sculpted Halftracks, American players will be able to have uniques Armies.
For example one of them has a 60mm mortar in the crew compartment – an obvious choice for the Mortar section.
Many of your existing American players may want to get these in order to have these great Halftracks.

Have new players starting with two of these boxes. The Headquarters are the US731 blister;

US731 Armoured rifle Headquarters

The start of some really cool blisters filled with new figures to boot.
This is the complete HQ in a blister: M3 Halftrack, Jeep, 2 command teams, and bazooka team for late war.
This blister should go along with UBX01. This is a mainstay selection for new American players,
it should help, joined with UBX01, to provide players all the required items to start an American force;

US733 Armoured rifle Platoon

All the tin soldiers you need for a US Late War armoured Rifle platoon,
all of them brand new sculpts never before seen.
The go perfectly with the US731 (as a command blister) and US201 blister, as there are 5 Halftracks in each platoon.

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