From Samuel's point of view


Samuel woke up lazily and slowly opened his eyes. The alarm clock marked 6.30, "Still early", he thought. He took his time rising, before noticing who thirsty he was, and how much his head hurt. And that he had had the most peculiar dream. He remembered something about Ian running naked through the house, at an incredible speed, drinking one from a bag of blood... while he himself was running after Ian, screaming at him to return the blood to the hospital.

"Must have drunk more than I thought!"

Well, at least, in the dream, Ian was still wearing his long hair. Samuel really liked his hair like that, like a waterfall reaching the middle of his back. It made him look almost angelic, almost out of place. He was sure Ian cut it when they broke up! Samuel smiled to himself "He knew I would be pissed off!"

He crossed the living room, wearing nothing more than his boxers, still yawning.

- Ian!! Are you home?

He peeked at Ian's room. It was still empty.

- Geez, what does he do all night?

He took a glass out of the shell and filled it with water. "An aspirin would be nice too. Now, where did I put then? If Ian was here, he would scold me for taking medicine this lightly, but... well, he won't know!"

After a second thought, Samuel put down the grass untouched and went to the living room, where he filled himself a Martini "no better away to avoid hang over!" He took a long sip.

Ian sure had changed since their early days. Even before ... getting sick.... died.... becoming a vampire... Samuel was still not sure what to call it.

But, for what he heard from the Gorskys, Ian was on the edge of a total break down in the past months. He had been getting even paler, practically didn't bother to eat and was smoking even more than on the College days! And Diane had mentioned something about anti-depressives and long night hours revising lost cases.

"Why didn't he call me?"

"You'll be proud of me the next time we see each other" had been Ian's farewell words years ago, when they both put their careers ahead of their relationship. Probably Ian didn't know how to approach him and ask for help, he was never the type to ask for something like that. And knowing Ian, Samuel knew he probably didn't even notice he needed help in the first place!

"And there he goes again! High and mighty, completely independent! But too scared to look me in the eye and tell me how unsure he is!" Samuel really hated when Ian left him out of something important, but being true to the facts, it had been Ian's free spirit and almost naïve beliefs that made Samuel fall for him completely.

But tonight, Samuel had seen a spark of the old Ian through his veil of strangeness. Ian's eagerness and fear of opening himself were almost.... "cute". He was trying to make Samuel understand the past nights, but he sounded almost scared of saying something that could be misunderstood.

For days, Samuel had tried to look to Ian and see the person he once knew. But every time he looked, there was another person staring back. Even though the eyes are of the same blue, the hair of the same color and the lips still tasted the same, there's a sensation of danger, one can almost say of absolute evil, coming from him. Like a demon hidden in an angelic form.

Samuel took another sip. "How poetic, Ian would be proud!

Perhaps the word "evil" is a bit too cruel. He was in a deep depression even before this whole vampiric mess!

"But he has killed. And he doesn't feel any regret! It's almost like he now has the right to take lives... just because he's all powerfull, or something!"

Samuel walked to the window and opened it. The night was still dark, even though the hour is late "Damm, Ian, hurry home! It will be dawn soon." The rain kept falling, as it had in the past days, and Samuel smiled at its freshness, as rain fell on his cheek.

How would one act if he could only drink blood? How would he, Samuel himself, act, how would he feel, if he opened his eyes and realized he had drunk a person to death? "How would a doctor like Ian take it?"

Ian's wish to save the world was what made him move. That was something Samuel could understand. Not the wish in itself, but the need for a purpose. For himself, Samuel only wished he could follow the path he chooses. He had taken law school on his parents' advice; he was following his father's steps on politics. Not that he didn't like his job or he that he didn't believe on the labour party, he just wished he had made the choices himself. His whole life had been simple, due to his father's status; the only real difficulty was for him to prove his worth as himself!

Ian was his first act of rebellion.

And now Ian is going mad.

Well, that speed! That would probably shock anyone's sanity. "And he was susceptible already, thinking he failed his patients!" Whoever the bastard who contaminated him is, he couldn't have picked a worse moment! "He kept having dead patients on his hands, and knowing Ian that was killing him, and on the next moment he kills to feed! It's understandable if he buys all that "monster" and demon stuff!"

Samuel looked at the half empty glass.

He could understand Ian's madness; the whole situation was maddening even for him. He just couldn't accept Ian locking him away! "True I don't know shit about vampires, Ian, but whose fault is that?" He took another long sip, almost finishing his drink. He was quite sure Ian didn't know practically anything about vampires too.

Samuel returned to his room, almost an hour after getting up, and sat on the bed. He slowly turned his head to the bed side table and to the picture he put there a couple of hours ago. It showed him and Ian on his graduation trip around Europe. Samuel laughed to himself as he remembered how Ian got lost on every street.

- You're not that strong, you know? And I'm not that weak! I don't know what you're trying to shelter me from, but I was always the protective one. And right now you are in no mental condition for me to even listen. I'll be the one sheltering you.

"So just hurry home!"

Bons dias :)

Tenho tempo para ler com atenção, mas não para comentar.
Está óptimo. 38 XPs para o Ian. Eu depois leio outra vez. Até logo.

[quote]"And there he goes again! High and mighty, completely independent! But too scared to look me in the eye and tell me how unsure he is!” Samuel really hated when Ian left him out of something important, but being true to the facts, it had been Ian’s free spirit and almost naïve beliefs that made Samuel fall for him completely.[/quote]

De facto, esta mudança de ponto de vista valeu a pena, principalmente porque contribui para, de certa forma, ainda conhecermos melhor o Ian, sem perdermos a oportunidade de passarmos alguma tempo com o Samuel a sós.


Como tinha dito, este tipo de write-up recebe um bonus de 5 XPs. Com a promoção deste mês, dá mais 5 x 2 = 10, ou seja, 48 XPs no total! Este novo site é uma mina de ouro :)

Por acaso, ao contrario do q eu estava á espera, gostei mm mto d escrever este write up. Foi um bocadinho como estar a jogar! ^^

Acho q nunca tinha comentado bem como imaginava o Samuel, se bem q o Ricardo ja m conhece bem para entender meias palavras! :P

Alem de descrever como eu imaginava o Samuel por dentro, deu-me hipotese de explorar a relaçao passada dele com o Ian, mm q ao de leve, e fazer a comparaçao com o presente. A ideia é q, embora, aparentemente, tudo tenha mudado... vampirismo, esta falta d consciencia, etc, o Ian continua a agir como sempre agiu. Independente, ligeiramente arrogante, and a bit clueless a qd precisa de ajuda.

E tem piada, a constante tentativa de proteger o Samuel, imaginando q, em humanos, costumava ser exactamente ao contrario. Imagino o Samuel sendo mto mais do tipo protector e esta inversao dos papeis, agora q o Ian nao tem os pés em solo firme, deve ser bastante frustrante.

Isso á parte, lol, gosto sempre de escrever coisas romanticas entre 2 homens! ihihihi