Gallery: Alice, priestess of the Inner Circle

There once was a young girl who was blamed by her grieving mother for her father's untimely death.

The girl suffered from a strange sickness which made her eyes glow red, her skin turn pale and her stomach to endure only water. Late at night, she would unwillingly burst into flames were she not placed inside her bath. The servants that attended her would say that she was marked by the devil, but they could not help feeling sorry for her and the way her mother treated her.

Once her mother passed away, her brother blamed the girl for another killing caused by her wicked flames. Once her dear brother died, she blamed herself and ran away into the forest.

The girl found her way through the woods, hoping that eventually the flames would come and take her as well. Alone in the night she cried until her body suddenly engulfed itself in a roaring fire, but - as always - the girl felt no burns. In despair, she tumbled against the ground and the trees and the forest quickly was a blaze, but no flame could ever harm her. Yet again she ran and she cried untill she fell and, lying among the raging fire, could only wish someone could end her suffering.

Soon, a large trunk from a tree was crashing upon her. The flames indeed would not kill her, but such a weight certainly would. Nevertheless, perhaps she was indeed marked by the devil, for only a monster could come and save her. Someone who knew about the girl since her father first sent for a doctor. Someone who knew about the abuse and her wicked fate. A vampire who could brave the flames for her - powerfull, fascinated and intent on the purpose he had for her.

Gabriel called her Alice.

Esta é uma foto escolhida para a Alice tal como ela está neste ponto da crónica - naturalmente bastante satisfeita com o seu novo rosto e com o poder que lhe advem de possuir uma mortal a partir das dreamlands. Agora que Alice conspirou contra o seu próprio sire e dele se libertou, noite após noite descobre o que é viver de verdade, sem maldições ou laços de sangue. Será, enfim, capaz de olhar por si própria?

Sem laços de sangue? Nem o Monfort? Respect!

Parece que o nosso francês favorito não conseguiu eliminar esse factor de risco com ela. Well bargained Alice! Pena que vás ter de morrer...