Group B

Following the adventures of Drusilia Xiloscent, Lynnet Nathandem, Thom Dulsær, and friar Moki, at the services of the church of Oghma.

Procampur, Temple of Oghma

The High Priest had already spoken with you separately, but still he wanted to make this clear for everyone:

The ruling council of Scardale banished our church from its land, forcing us to relocate. — he looks at you with concern in his eyes and continues:
Trying to minimize the chances of such a decree from disrupting us again in the future the heads of our church decided to establish two bases of operations in different countries. Half of our treasury has been sent to Harrowdale and the other was sent half across Dragon Reach to meet us. Still, Prior Calmet, the head of the contingent, has fallen out of contact and we fear for his safety. You are to discover what has happened to Prior Calmet AND retrieve all that was entrusted to him.

After a brief pause he continues:

The Church of Oghma values knowledge above all else, yes. But in order to protect it we must pay heed to secrecy.

He then explains that he received a most troublesome letter that he wants you to have - but he will only give it to you when everyone's ready.

Here is a map of the region:

The High Priest presents to you the letter he received from the Grand Patriarch of Oghma. (I will email you the letter in a moment.)

Once you finish reading it, he tells you that he already arranged for a boat to take you up North where you will meet with an envoy herald.

North of Calaunt

The shipmaster knows the cove where you are to land and ses the ship's dingy to bring you all close enough to wade ashore and meet the envoy herald, your guide to the hermitage (as the High Priest as explained).

A low-lying mist makes the shadowed cliffside look like it rises from a gray slate cloud. You have been told that the dark scar of shadow in the midst of the cliff disguises a path to its summit.

The envoy herald shoudl have been here by now, but you see no sign of him.

What do you want to do in the meanwhile?

Now, write down your answer.

Well, i believe we have three options…

  • or search the guy in the surroundings (without getting lost hopefully)
  • or arrange a camping (if its late, hoping that the guy will appear eventually.
  • And finally, to search directly the Augustin Calmet (is this the name of the priest right?) in the mountains….
What do you think?