Help to publish Portuguese planes in Wings of War

Dear sirs,

first of all sorry for using English. I know that this is rude, but I can not write Portuguese and you can not probably read Italian.

I am Andrea Angiolino, designer of the card and miniature game "Wings of War". Nexus Editrice is the original publisher, Runadrake does the Portuguese edition.

I would be glad to put Portuguese planes in the game. We usually feature combat planes. For WWII we did an exception: we put a Portuguese Spitfire Mk.I in the next Squadron Pack "Flying Legend".

For WWI, nothing yet. I am planning to put one in the next box. Easier, at the moment, if it can be a SPAD VII.

Several Portuguese pilots fought in Allied units:

It ssems that they sometime made Portuguese roundels replacing blue and white of French/British cockades with green. Any color schemes for
that? Possibly with rank, name and unit of the pilot?

You can contact me at angiolino(at) if you have anything for me.

Thanks a lot, everybody!


Ciao Andrea,

Wellcome to Portugal and congratulations for the excellent game you designed.

I'm very happy to know that the portuguese are "flying" to WINGS OF WAR.

Concerning the role of portuguese pilots in WWI the best information can be found in this PDF (in english and portuguese):

Best Regards



Thanks a lot, great stuff!

Hear you very soon, then!