Heroe or villain for hire: Passionate Gamer seeks local RPG group to experiment on!

Hi am a Belgian crossdressing halfelf pirate vampire monk with a weapon specialisation in lethal fruit and creative problem solving skills that preferentially depend on heavy firepower.

(Okay only the first -Belgian- and the last - creative problem solving skills that preferentially depend on heavy firepower are actually true)

I like any and every setting (fantasy, future, gothic horror, oriental)

I firmly believe that humor has a place in rpg, but I also take the gaming itself serious in the sense that I don't like a build up of tension destroyed by jokes especially in gothic horror

I live in Carcavelos and I don't have any problem with receiveing people at home, in fact i prefer it than having to drive myself.

Before and after rpgs I like to play board games and I am setting up a local network of 2 computers at home to do some wargaming on with interested people.

I tend to try to be complementary sort of character in the group professionwise and a tiny bit of antagoniser to other players but I take good care that people in the group have a good time.

My portuguese is not minimal but far from fluent still, but getting better as I am marrying a Portuguese girl in May next year. So I am looking to some patient groups / groups with people that don't mind speaking a bit of English/French.

What more to say? I said local group, that means the Lisbon region more or less. I HATE driving a car with a passion that some people around me think is bordering on insanity, so I hope to find people close (between Cascais and Lisbon) and I am 31 and although I don't have problem with younger people around I don't think I DM of less than 18 would do it for me.

Live rpg I don't really like, but I could try again, but I prefer the intimacy of pen, pencil & dice games. I have no problems with play by e-mail or chat, but then the typing on my side at least will be in English.

contact me: [email protected] tel 96 456 1977 !

Kris Verschaeve