Jogos Novos e Usados à Venda | New and Used Games to Sell

UPDATE: Ten games have been sold. The ones below are still for sale. If you're interested in any games, let me know and we can arrange pickup in central Lisbon or at the Wednesday board game meetup, or I can use CTT if you're outside Lisbon. 

Se pode escrever-me em inglês o português. 

Novos / New - Unopened and in shrink wrap 


Biergarten - €15 

Usados / Used 


Lanterns - LN, played once. Rules in English. - €15 


Steam Court - LN. opened but never played. Rules in English. - €10 


SPQRisiko - LN. Played once. Rules in Italian. - €15 


Back to the Future: An Adventure Through Time - LN, opened, never played. Includes Mattel Delorean. - €15 


Butterfly Garden - LN, played once. Rules in English. - €10 


Dragon Keeper - LN, punched, never played, includes KS exclusive dragon, rules in English and French. - €15 


Biblios Dice - LN, played once. Rules in English. - €15 

Enviei PM

Enviei pm

PM sent with two proposals.

Enviei PM

Original post updated.