Kickstarter: Hardback - The "Pre-Quill" to Paperback

Olá a todos. Queria só chamar a atenção para este projecto, a 17 dias de terminar:

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Hardback is the follow-up to Paperback, the award-winning word / deckbuilding game from Tim Fowers. Hardback is not an expansion - it's a whole new game. Fans of Paperback will feel right at home playing Hardback, though there are plenty of new strategies and mechanics to explore:

  • Hardback has no dedicated wild cards - your starting hand offers significantly more variety - and you'll never draw a "worthless" hand
  • Any card can be made wild by playing it face-down - keeping you in control of which cards to focus on
  • In Hardback, you do not purchase cards to earn victory - instead, play letter cards that score victory each time they are used
  • Hardback does not have a pre-configured offer row - setting up a new game is as quick as shuffle and go
  • No "draw extra cards" cards - instead, use "ink" to press your luck and draw extra cards - but go too far and you might not be able to spell a word
  • Persistent cards provide stay in play and provide benefit each turn - until your opponents force you to discard them by using your letter in their word

In hardback, there are four distinct card "genres", each with their own unique mechanics to compliment your play style:


O Paperback é um excelente jogo, que só joguei em app, e parece-me que este será uma versão ligeiramente mais avançada. Contudo, ao não ter letras duplas e se poder usar qualquer carta como "wild", parece-me que também será mais fácil de jogar em português (embora o inglês seja sempre o ideal).

Visão geral do jogo pelo nosso conhecido Richard Ham (Rahdo):

O projecto é "euro-friendly", e o custo de um pledge individual, com portes incluídos, fica em 35 dólares. Contudo, com o pledge Trilogy para 3 cópias, cada uma fica em 30,67 dólares (também já com portes), o que sempre fica mais em conta. Gostaria pois de perguntar se alguém tem interesse em ficar com as outras duas cópias.

Posso assumir para já o custo da encomenda, e tratar depois da entrega (em mão, quando possível, pelo correio se necessário). 

Link para a página da campanha:

OK, podes contar comigo… um fica para mim, a juntar ao Tortuga…

Estava com olho nesse e agora não há dúvida.

Boa, vou então avançar com o pledge, e assim que souber valores finais em euros digo algo. :slight_smile:

Viva! Tenho estado silencioso mas a campanha também - segue-se o primeiro update recebido desde que foi feito o pledge:



Stretch Goals, Game Variants, and New Art

Hey Hardbackers,

Thanks for helping us pick off another strech goals. We just claimed the Folding VP Board, giving players twice as much space to gloat about their winning status. That's the 9th completed stretch goal - meaning Hardback will be 9-times better* thanks to all of your help. And we've got plenty more fantastic stretch goals coming up - including upgraded ink tokens, player powers, space for a 5th player, and maybe, just maybe, game events. How could event cards work in Hardback? Event cards would initiate a constraint or alter the game in some way(kind of like Attack cards in Paperback) Some examples:  

  • Your word must contain multiple vowels
  • Your word must begin with a wild
  • All D's become G's and vice versa
  • At the end of your turn, Draw 4 cards & 1 ink 

Event cards are shuffled into the offer deck. When a player draws an event card, it immediately goes in force, affecting the player who drew it and all players ahead of them on the score tracker. The event would stay in effect until a certain number of ink tokens were spent to remove it.

We're excited about event cards for several reasons: for logophiles, they introduce constraints common in other word games, they encourage creativity and lateral thinking, and they help naturally balance the game between diverse skillsets. Of course, events would be an optional variant; if you're not a fan of additional constraints, don't mix them in. We're still polishing the design, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

In other news, our illustrator Ryan Goldsberry has been hard at work on some fantastic new covers: 

Terminou a campanha, que angariou 297.663$, tendo atingido todos os Stretch Goals menos um. Ainda não me foi cobrado nenhum montante, assim que souber mais deixo aqui a repartição dos custos. :slight_smile:

Afinal, mesmo não tendo atingido o valor do último stretch goal, decidiram incluí-lo à mesma!



The Final Chapter
Posted by Tim Fowers (Creator)

It's over!  In the end we came painfully close to 300K.  Still blew away any of the other campaigns I've run.  So honored you guys support the game and helped us make it better.  We'll keep you updated on the printing process. 

We decided to go ahead and give you guys the final stretch goal of a 5th player!  



Final Rules, Expansion and Gencon!
Posted by Tim Fowers (Creator)

Hey Hardbackers,

We have finalized the rules for print and are working with the manufacturer to prepare the files for printing.  You can check out the newly minted rulebook at the link below:

As always, we love and appreciate your feedback - so if you see anything amiss, please let us know!

We are in final testing for the Paperback expansion as well!  The new covers are hilarious and feature cameos from a bunch of characters.

Bonus points to any hardbacker who can identify the cameo in each of the above covers!

One element of the expansion that we're most excited for is new starting decks!  The decks will still start with RSTNL, but those 5 wilds?  They have changed a bit:

As usual, they can act as any letter. However, if you use them as a specific vowel, you gain a minor ability. It really helps round out those turns when you draw nothing but wilds. Also note that they don't have Fame points on them; you can choose to use the new wilds with powers, or start the game with 5 Fame points.

Finally, we are also going to be at Gencon! Stop by booth 2905 to pick up copies of our games, play Hardback or Paperback with the expansion, or even take a peek at the new games coming this fall!


Shipping and Christmas
Posted by Tim Fowers (Creator)

Hey Hardbackers,

As we mentioned in our last update, the proofs we received from the manufacturer required some additional corrections. Rather than rush an inferior product out in order to meet timeline goals, we are taking the time necessary to ensure Hardback and Paperback expansion are done right. We apologize for this delay but feel confident that most backers would rather have a great but late game than a sub-par but on-time one.

As of right now, both games are undergoing final assembly and should be on a boat in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, these means we are looking at a late-December / early-January delivery date.

BUT - we wanted to help out those backers who needed to get it in time for the holidays. If getting Hardback by Christmas is critical to you, please fill out this form.  We are looking to see if we can air-freight enough copies to get them to these backers a couple weeks early to make their holiday gifts happen.  Air Freight is costly, so, unfortunately, we can't do this for everyone. We'll have to see whether this is feasible based on how many responses we receive. 

Thanks for all your patience and support. We are excited for everyone to get and play this fantastic game!


Tem sido uma campanha mais silenciosa que outras, o que nem sempre é mau - quer dizer que está tudo a correr sobre rodas. 
Relativamente à questão no update, a menos que queiram ter coisas pelo Natal, da minha parte não me importo de esperar.

Shipping Update
Posted by Tim Fowers (Creator)

Hey Hardbackers, Tim here.

We successfully air freighted copies of Hardback and Paperback Expansion!  They are being processed now and those waiting for them for Christmas will receive an email when they go out.  Paperback expansion will be coming as a separate shipment (about the same time) to those who got the add-on.

So - we got the samples for the Paperback Expansion and the card backs matched well, so we gave the go ahead to print it.  A couple days later - we shuffled them with original Paperback cards and realized they were the wrong size!  So they re-printed ALL of the cards for the expansion at the last minute and flew some over for the Christmas orders.  It's been stressful :) 

The main shipment is on its way and we received word it is arriving at the LA port around Dec 22!  So if customs goes well we should be able to ship them out early to mid Jan.  Thanks for your patience!

Já cá estão as nossas cópias! Foram só 3 meses de atraso… Mas acho que valeu a pena:

Vai já seguir mail para combinar entregas.

Comparativamente, 3 meses não é nada mau!!!