Kickstarter- Stop the Train!

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Stop the train


Stop the Train! is a social deduction adventure for 4-6 players.

It's late November, 1942. The 19:05 to Paris is armed with a bomb and hurtling towards its destination threatening civilian destruction. On board, the passengers include a Resistance Conspirator, an Mi6 agent and a Prisoner of War on the run. To avert disaster, they have only one hope: an emergency meeting to identify the Saboteur, throw him off and Stop the Train!





  • 15 lengths/curves of track
  • 1 Card deck base & Speedometer
  • 1 Train Counter
  • 66 Effect Cards (that change the speedometer)
  • 10 Character Cards
  • 10 Character Reference cards
  • 36 Intervention Cards (that grant special powers)
  • 18 Voting Cards (to facilitate a secret ballot)
  • 1 Gameplay Guide
  • 2 Order of Play Cards
  • 2 Permits to Travel
  • 1 Current Player Token
  • 1 Rail Speed Record  



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