Lady Croft, I presume?


Aqui está uma personagem bem divertida para Adventure! que fiz quando recebi o jogo para testar o sistema e a construção de personagens.

É uma personagem facilmente adaptável a vários settings, com uns quantos plot hooks metidos pelo meio (destaque para o pai desaparecido).

Note-se a piscadela de olho bem humorada à curvilinea Tomb Raider, de quem esta personagem rouba o nome de familia e o hábito de disparar contra as coisas.

Quem conhece Adventure! notará decerto a falta de poder puro - os pontos de Inspiration foram usados para fazer dela uma personagem equilibrada e capaz em muitas coisas – sendo os Knacks escolhidos mais para dar “flavor” que outra coisa qualquer: “Trick Shot” para disparar muito e acertar quase sempre, e “Perfect Poise” – a indispensável fleuma britânica.

Desculpem desde já ser no idioma de shakespirro, mas é um hábito do qual não me consigo livrar quando faço personagens.

Name: Emma Croft

Alias: “Lady Scorpio”, “The Countess”

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Nationality: British

Origin: High Class

Vice: Hotshot

Virtue: Hedonist

Inspiration: Heroic

STR - 2
DEX - 5 (Athletics [acrobatics] 5, Firearms [two-weapons] 5, Martial Arts 2, Melee 3, Stealth 1)
STA - 3

PER - 2 (Awareness 1, Investigation 1)
INT - 3 (Academics 3, Linguistics 2, Medicine 1, Survival 1)
WIT - 3 (Drive 1)

APP - 3 (Style 3)
MAN - 4 (Animal Handling [racing] 4, Subterfuge 2)
CHA - 4 (Etiquette 2, Perform 1, Rapport 2)


  • Contacts 2
  • Followers 2 (not really followers, but her butler, secretary, and other staff)
  • Gadget 4 - her father’s modified handguns
  • Influence 2 (well-known in the London high society)
  • Resources 5
  • Sanctum 2 (ancestral manor in the British countryside)

Perfect Poise
Trick shot

Willpower: 7

Intuitive: 2
Reflective: 0
Destructive: 1

SOAK: (no armour) 3/0, (reinforced clothing) 3/2

GADGETS: These two golden handguns (light automatics) were specially crafted for Emma’s father. Both are slightly larger than normal light automatics (due to the extra ammo they can carry) - each has a scorpion etched on each side of the barrel. The pistols were built specifically to be balanced to compensate for the lack of accuracy when using two at the same time.

Two Level 2 gadgets (5 options each):

“POISON” - the right hand weapon packs more punch (2x 1+ damage), can carry more ammo (1x 50% plus ammo) and is well balanced (2x 1+ accuracy).
STATS: Damage - 5L; Rate - 4; Clip - 11+1; Accuracy +2

“STING” - the left hand packs slightly more punch (1x 1+ damage), can carry more ammo (1x 50% plus ammo) and is extremely well balanced (3x 1+ accuracy).
STATS: Damage - 4L; Rate - 4; Clip - 11+1; Accuracy +3

STORY: Lady Emma was not born in the lap of luxury. She was the product of a torrid romance between the famous adventurer Lord Richard “The Scorpio” Croft and a circus girl. Since his strict mother would never approve a marriage to a circus wench, Lord Croft had to say farewell to his beloved when the circus moved on a few months later, but arranged things so that the girl (and the baby girl born afterwards) would be well provided for. He even managed to visit the two once or twice, after the birth, under the cover of a visit to the family stables in the countryside.

Until her 13th birthday, Emma was raised in a circus, moving from town to town, and flying from trapeze to trapeze - it was a good life, for even after she lost her mother to tuberculosis, she still had a family in the people of the circus. Then, a sudden visit from an old lady claiming to be her grandmother changed everything: Lord Richard had vanished without a trace, but, maybe expecting his mysterious fate, he left a letter to his mother revealing the existence of the child - who now was the last descendent of the Croft.

In spite of Emma’s despair and the circus folk’s attempts to convince her otherwise, the old Lady Croft brought the girl with her back to the family’s ancestral manor, and gave her the education a lady should have: etiquette, history, politics, and much more – but as her mind was exercised, so was her body: the circus taught her how to be nimble and the Chinese contortionists there also taught her how to fight unarmed - now she learned how to fence, dance and ride: she is an excellent amazon, and has taken part in the Ascot races several times.

She also trained her marksmanship with an almost desperate abandon - the same way he left his mother a letter, her father left his daughter his two handguns - his most prized possessions. Holding to the notion that her father was still alive, Emma swore she’d become a marksman as good as her father had been - and then she’d go save him – because she knows he is still alive somewhere - she feels it in her heart. And, by Jove, she will rescue the only family she has left.

After the recent death of old Lady Croft, and at her 21st anniversary, Emma inherited the title of Countess Croft, and the huge fortune that came with it (fuelled by the impressive prices the magnificent stallions of Croft stables reach in the horse market each year). She then dedicated herself to learn all she could about her missing father: among other things, she discovered that his alias “The Scorpio” came from a birthmark her had on his back in the shape of a scorpion – an alias that he lived with gusto, to the point of having his weapons engraved with scorpions. His favourite hobby was to accompany his many friends in travels to the most exotic places in the world… and usually shoot or smooth-talk their way out any problems that might appear.

Immediately, Emma had a crimson scorpion tattooed on her left breast, right above her heart - and she took the alias of “Lady Scorpio”, in honour of her father. For several months, she got herself regularly in and out of trouble in Cairo, her father’s last known location, where she went searching for clues to his whereabouts.

IMAGE: Emma is a petite woman, with midback-length black wavy hair. She inherited her mother’s black hair and slightly tanned complexion, but the ice-blue eyes are, without a doubt, her father’s. Her smile is possibly her most charming feature; together with her large dark eyelashes, that give her gaze a mysterious, velvety feel.

While on the country manor, she is most likely to be found wearing hunting or riding clothes. In London, she dresses to the height of fashion - a lady always does.

Her father’s pistols are with her at all time: either strapped to her if she can get away with it (while wearing a long coat, for instances) or in the large purse that she carries with her.