Long time D&D 3.5 player seeks (English) group


I've played D&D for a long time, but I haven't been able to find anyone who'd be interested to play with me - any group out there willing to have me, or any people out there wanting to start a group with me?


A crazy Belgian

Hello, Raf. If you're in Lisbon, you probably know about the monthly meet-ups where you can find other roleplayers. The next one will be on the 14th of April, so be on the lookout for that. Are you strictly a 3.5 player or will you be interested in playing any RPG?

Hello I have a place where we meet up for several types of games it's at the Café of the Sintra's toy museum.

All kinds of wargames,boardgames,role play, etc are welcome I manufacture miniatures for wargames so I am a bit partial to 28mm historical wargames but I end up playing boardgames more than anything wich is fun!

Best regards

Guilherme Arruda


Hi Raf. I'm also a flemish Belgian living around Lisbon, Id happy to join a roleplay group, but its difficult to find a DM to do sessions in English. I've tried :) If you want to meet for playing board games, you can contact me via e-mail: pfunkbaby at hotmail.com

Kris Verschaeve

I can DM in english, that would be a fun challenge, and I'd get to use the wide array of cliche accents I have mastered over the years, such as the scottish dwarf, the southern redneck peasant and the east london/cockney accent which seems to suit perfectly for rogues and other unsavory types, innit?

Jokes aside, PM me if interested..

I wish I could join a roleplay in english seeings Chris Perkins DM all the voices he does it really fun, so if there's a party I'd like to get on board

Damnit! Lisbon steals again all the fun RPers. *shakes fist* Where's OUR Belgian RPer with funny accents?



Eu Escrevi Um RPG Numa Semana!

Just trusting my luck-stat here and trying wildly: Is any of the English-speaking role players still here? Do any English-speakers still have interest in forming a group / has space in a group of some kind? I am open minded to try anything in pen and paper.

Hi andra!

Here's João, your GM from our session of "Deeds & Doers" at Lisbon's Roleplayers Monthy Meet-Up and I would like to invite you to join our group here in Abre o Jogo. :wink:

Here in Porto we have English spoken Tables , since we always had players from other  countries , so it became usual to us.

We are now playing mainly PATHFINDER , and that "tradition" still goes on. In fact , next saturday we will have an Irish GM´ing in the Monthly PFS Event ( in English) , and in INVICTACON 2013 ( in 4,5,6 of October) we will have always English ( and Spanish) spoken tables , so anyone that needs to play in English is free to appear.

Just look for those events here in Abreojogo , or contact me if you want any help or have any questions.

… and for DMing in English!

I'll have a look at the group. Well, me and my Babelfish will.

Edit: Yeah, this was supposed to be answer on jrmariano's post. Sorry about the confusion, if any.

Hello and thanks for the kind offer, but I think traveling from Lisbon to Porto for this might be a little too far.

The kind people of Lisbon switched languages effortlessly as well, as it turns out, and I am incredibly thankful. The Portugese Geek and especially role-play community seems very warm and welcoming for English speakers such as me; I truly bow to your acceptance. (Especially since I am not quite sure if it would have been similar for Portugese people coming to  Germany.)

But kind people of Portugal: Give me half a year of language courses and I might be able to play a mute person in a regular Portugese group.

Hi there, feel free to show up again and join us whenever you want, you will always be welcome.

I'm glad you enjoyed the roleplayer's encounter (and the MotelX night games of terror as well).

Let me know if you need any additional help, my contacts are on my profile.

As a side note, i hope you learned your lesson in Resistance: Avalon… i cannot be trusted! wink (or can I? dun dun dun)

Hey ya!

I could offer to have a word with our DM (this guy), but our setup is pretty messy as is…

We have an ongoing Forgotten Realms campaign - in the Icewind Dale region, using Pathfinder rules - that is completely in english.

One of our players is the other flemish guy (Wicky) who replied to the original poster, and our group actually sprang from this very same ad post (albeit indirectly).

It was the three of us in the planning stage: Igor the DM, Kris the dwarf cleric, and me the half-orc rogue. Then Igor brought another guy to the very 1st session, João the dwarf skjirnir. Who in turn brought another guy in the 3rd or 4th session, Pedro the human barbarian. Few months later João brought yet another player into our table, Filipe the human cavalier. Recently, Igor brought in our latest acquisition, Emanuel the human alchemist/monk. So there are technically 7, of us at the moment.

Thing is, and this is where it gets messy, coordinating 7 adults is surprisingly hard (if you don't have a whip and they're not asian businessmen). So our gaming regularity went from twice a month in the early days, to once a month, to once every other month… Last time we played this campaign was in May, and one of our players is out for at least another 3 months. And even in those last two sessions we had to have the DM take over one the player characters, or we wouldn't have played since around Christmas instead.

So you see where this is going. If the group is okay with reformulating itself, to temporarily "clip some of the dead branches" while allowing more latecomers to the party, I suppose you're more than welcome to tag along. I'll ask and come back here. It would actually make some sense, because we ended our last session in a little story hiatus to passively advance the plot in the background. My character, for instance, is studying magic under a wizard (multi-classing). One of the more irregular characters could just as easily be recalled home to tend a dying father or take up caravan work that leads elsewhere… You could then take up the open slot, and we could all keep playing this year still. 

We play in Cascais, most of the guys carpool from Lisbon. Oh, and because of the previously mentioned low regularity of the PF sessions, some of us are always talking of starting mini-campaigns or one-shots… Given that we're all comfy with English, we could probably call you in for one of those… They're usually not D&D, though, not sure if that's a problem for you.