Memoir '44 Air Pack Expansion

O anuncio oficial:

Announcing the Memoir '44 Air Pack expansion!


From the Battle of Britain, to the air raids deep into Germany and over Japanese cities - the airplanes, pilots and the men and women who kept them flying, all had a profound impact on the outcome of the War and the bitterly fought ground battles thousands of feet beneath them.

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The Memoir '44 Air Pack Expansion invites you to climb in your seat, strap on your harness and take to the skies! The 8 painted airplane miniatures and the Air rules that accompany them will enable you to relive all the Memoir '44 battles you've played to date, but with a twist. Now you will experience first-hand how different a fight can be, when seen and fought from the skies!

The Air Pack Expansion includes:

  • 8 Painted Airplane Miniatures and their in-flight stands
  • An 80 page Air rules booklet that includes a complete compilation of all 64 official Memoir '44 scenarios published to date - with revised rules that take advantage of the countless new terrain and troop types that are now available.
  • A 120 new Helper card deck describing every terrain, special rule, troop type and nation introduced in all versions of Memoir '44
  • 60 new double-sided Terrain tiles
  • 6 new Obstacles

This is our largest expansion to date and is a must have for Memoir '44 veterans!

The Memoir '44 Air Pack expansion is available now for pre-order from the Days of Wonder Webstore and is expected to ship and be available at your local game store in late November. Order yours today!

Note: This expansion requires a copy of the original Memoir '44 game.


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Airplanes Miniatures