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Desta vez para ganhar o jogo Scavengers

As respostas são as seguintes:


Q1: In Scavengers, what is the special effect of the squirrel scavenger card?

A) When played you may move one food scrap from any other camp to the camp that the squirrel was played.

Q2: What are the names of the 3 camps on the Scavengers game board?

B) Elk Camp, Quartz Camp, Camp Grizzly

Q3: Zombie State Games was created with the vision of:

B) Creating a viable gaming company that one day, along with other small businesses, could have facets integrated into a problem-based approach to teaching in an academically-challenging liberal arts school. This school will have strong roots in the local community and an overarching emphasis on the environment with a fully integrated summer camp curriculum.

Q4: In Scavengers, during your turn, how do you determine what kind of food scrap you get to place on a campsite on the game board?

C) The camp leader draws a camper card and you place the food scrap depicted on that card on the camp of your choice.

Q5: In Scavengers, how do you determine who wins each camp and gets to take any remaining food scrap tokens after any mouse cards are factored?

A) The player with the greatest total cumulative strength value of scavenger cards at that camp wins the food scrap tokens at that camp.


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Boa sorte.

... será desta que volta a sair alguma coisa a um Tuga?

Obrigado Nuno! Happy

Se me sair ainda te deixo jogar ;)


Obrigado e boa sorte a todos!

Obrigado e vamos ver se é desta.


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