Novo concurso no BGG

Mais um concurso no BGG, desta vez o prémio é a colecção completa dos jogos Your Move Games.

Ok, ok, eu sacrifico-me pelo pessoal... depois se ganharem alguma coisa, não se esqueçam de mim...

Contest - Results

Q1: Long before there was Your Move Games, Inc., there was Your Move Games the retail store where our heroes met. How did Robert raise the money to start his own FLGS?
The correct answer is: A) Through a fluke in the WotC distribution system, Robert was one of very few people to get his full order of Legends when that set came out. He sold it for a lot of money.

Q2: Game companies always have lots of new games in development. Which one of the following is NOT one of ours?
The correct answer is: B) Die Fluffy Bunnies, a fast-paced game of slaughter inspired by Chad’s wish to create a game that Germans would think was just a light-hearted game called The Fluffy Bunnies.

Q3: The Battle for Hill 218 owes a lot of its success to Andrew Gross, who created the free downloadable version as a favor to YMG. What inspired Andrew’s decision to do such a cool thing?
The correct answer is: A) Andrew wanted to create an online campaign system for Battleground and was teaching himself Java in order to do the programming for the campaign. The Hill 218 program was a learning exercise.

Q4: At one point in their friendship Chad said to Robert, "You're so awesome that the only thing worthy of your awesomeness would be to put you on a desert island with six beautiful women who would dedicate their lives to thinking up new ways to make you happy." What did Rob reply?
The correct answer is: B) "Could you make it seven women? That way we could draft."

Q5: Which of the following punny names is actually the name of one of the YMG team's parents?
The correct answer is A) Mary Chris Mess

Q6: Which of the following is NOT true of Robert Dougherty?
The correct answer is: A) He's the oldest member of the company.

Q7: Which of the following is NOT true of Chad Ellis?
The correct answer is: C) He is bitter about how Robert and Darwin make him look absolutely awful at Magic.

Q8: Which of the following is NOT true of Kaile Dutton?
The correct answer is: C) She has a top 8 finish at a Magic Grand Prix.

Q9: Which of the following is NOT true of Darwin Kastle?
The correct answer is: C) He has a degree in musical theater.

Q10: Which YMG game did Reiner Knizia describe as "a very exciting and refreshing new design"?
The Correct answer is: A) Battleground: Fantasy Warfare


Eu ainda acertei 1... nada mau.

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