O Harry Potter de John Wick: Eldricht High

Eldritch High

Congratulations, student!

Your acceptance at Alexander Circe's Academy for the Study of the Esoteric and Eldritch Arts ushers you into an elite fraternity of wizards and witches who protect mankind against creatures from the Shadowrealm. You will learn skills you thought were only available in faerie tales. But you will also learn the responsibility of those arts is more than any normal mortal has ever held.

We will teach you how to defend yourself and others from horrible creatures beyond imagination. We will also teach you how to protect yourself against warlocks: those who have broken the Magical Vow and now practice the dreaded Dark Arts.

Welcome to Circe's. Your life will never be the same.

Eldritch High is a roleplaying game about a magical high school where children are thrust into an invisible war with powers greater than they could ever imagine. It includes:

  • Creating wizard and witch students
  • Creating "Black Watch" students: those who protect magic-users from physical harm
  • Rules for Alchemy, Bewitchment, Conjuration and other "magical classes" as well as the "Dark Arts" of Necromancy, Nihilism and many others
  • Homework, Goofing Off and Extra Credit
  • And much, much more!

E saiu o novo mini-jogo do John Wick, Eldricht High, um jogo claramente inspirado em Harry Potter. Embora seja uma grande fã de John Wick, começo a ficar um nadinha farta destes mini jogos feitos às 3 pancadas, por 5 dólares. Quando é que sai algo carnudo? E o prometido Big Book of Small Games (do qual este aparentemente faz parte)?

Podem adquiri-lo no Drive Thru RPG ou no próprio site do Wick.