Oh My God! Filme sobre LARP! Be afraid... Be very afraid!

O dia chegou… Um filme documentário/comédia sobre uma comunidade americana de LARP de World of Warcraft!

vejam o trailer de “Monster Camp” com melhor qualidade aqui:

lay Normalcy, Save the World. MONSTER CAMP is a rare and fascinating glimpse into the world of live-action role playing (“LARPing”), a real-life version of the videogame phenomenon World of Warcraft. In this award-winning doc, gamer stereotypes are simultaneously shattered and confirmed. For 48 consecutive hours-- there are no breaks, not even for sleep – immerse yourself in a world completely unlike our own. A world built upon fantasy, chivalry, and imagination; a place where you can be anything, dress however, have almost any power. A world where software engineers, department store managers, and high school students live as warriors, sorcerers, and villains. It’s a place that lets you transform yourself, perhaps becoming the person you wish you really were. Welcome to MONSTER CAMP, the true story of NERO Seattle, one of over 60 LARPing franchises with thousands upon thousands of members in North America.

Nunca pensei dizer isto, mas estes tipos ainda conseguem ser mais cromos que nós, jogadores de roleplay. Laughing

"You think I'm old and feeble, do you? Well, face my Flying Windmill Kick, asshole!"