Once again into the breach

Mais um concurso a nível Mundial no BGG: Days of Wonder M44 Campaign Book Contest - WORLDWIDE!

E mais uma vez os meus votos que seja um membro do AoJ a ganhar qq coisa. Aqui vai a minha ajuda:

Q1: A version of the famous Allied tank was designated as a “Sherman DD”. What did the initials “DD” really stand for?
A) D-Day
B) Drifting Device
C) Duplex Drive <-------------------------------
D) Donald Duck

Q2: What did “Mikado” refer to during WWII?
A) The Japanese High Command <-------------------------------
B) A Japanese aircraft carrier
C) The Japanese Honor Code
D) A Japanese commando unit

Q3: Which of the following codenames was NOT used for a German armor vehicle during WWII?
A) Puma
B) Leopard <-------------------------------
C) Panther
D) Tiger

Q4: Which of the following Russians was in command of the Central Front during Operation Barbarossa in 1941?
A) Lev Davidovich Bronstein
B) Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko <-------------------------------
C) Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov
D) Vladimir Putinov

Q5: What were “Rommel’s Asparagus” during WWII?
A) German rare vegetables
B) Rommel’s officers
C) Anti-tank obstacles
D) Anti-aircraft defenses <-------------------------------

Estas são as 5 respostas certas!!!

Com os meus cumprimentos pessoal!!


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