para os fãs de Orpheus...

…ou para quem gosta de Wraith, fica aqui uma letra que eu fiz para a minha banda, baseada no belo conceito que a White Wolf cedo criou para fantásticas histórias de fantasmas. Em específico, aproveitei o background de uma das signature characters de Orpheus.

Já agora também experimento se está a funcionar a formatação html :stuck_out_tongue:


Fresh smell in the morning
Pumped up gasoline [Father
Let the engine running
Patience growing thin

Humming beasts of chrome steel
Shake my dreams away [Took my
Bitch of a stepmother
I thank them everyday

We go stir up the dirt road
Father groans “We are late!” [Got me
An Old Chevy to love
The smell of booze to hate

Took a right on the wrong side
Sped up too fast [Hit the
Old roadside tree
The thing the bitch saw last

Saw ourselves through the windshield
Hit the gravestone tree [Flying
Death crashed my body
While my soul wrenched free

The throttle kept drumming
Gave a lonesome sound [I held
The wheel tight in my hands
And drove nowhere bound

Crossroad to heaven
Shortcut to hell
I drive by my life
In death as wel

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