Péssimas Noticias Da Flames Of War / Battlefront

[color=#0000FF]Acabamos de recebemos este email[/color] :cry:

[i]Dear customers and players of Flames of War,

Please spend two minutes to read this, it is important:

Despite waiting as long as possible the time has come for us to acknowledge that the increase in costs in doing business in the world today will have to impact on the Battlefront range. Between the cost of metal and oil, a major component of resin, and the added cost of transporting anything around the world increasing to record levels these last few years we have managed to keep to our promise of not increasing prices in the world for at least two years, in fact this month will be two and half years since I made that statement. Having gone through the numbers and tried to make sense of what is to come in the next few years I am going to [b]increase trade prices by 11% effective from the 8th June 2008[/b]. Europe has seen no increase in prices for over three years and inflation alone during this time would not be far from the change we are about to make. We have not needed to increase everything and in areas like printing where volume does reduce costs this will mean we will be able to leave all books at their current price. Boxed sets will continue to be core sellers with the contents comparative to the individual components being an even better discount than they are today. In all we have strived to get an average balance that will hopefully be received as well as it can be but that keeps the Flames of War hobby as the top of the list when it comes to value for money comparative to other toy soldier gaming. A full list of what prices are changing to will follow in the next few days from your local office but with a total cost increase of less than 11% I hope that the reasoning behind this necessary change will mean we have your support in managing this change as positively as possible. I will once again pledge my word that I will not alter any prices for another two years in the hope that having managed to keep my word once you now know I am making a statement of fact rather than intent..

John-Paul Brisigotti
Managing Director
Battlefront Miniatures

[size=18][color=blue][b]Posto isso a próxima encomenda irá sair imperativamente a dia 4 de Junho as novidades serão:

In Shops 14 June
GEAB06 2. SS-Panzerdivision Army Box
TD016 12. SS-Panzerdivision Gaming Set
TD010 2. SS-Panzerdivision Gaming Set
GPS03 German SS Paint Set
GE817 SS-Panzerpioneer Platoon (3 Squads) [/b][/color][/size]