Questionário (Personagens)

Retirei estes guidelines de um jogo online de changeling, porque acho ideais para ecreverem o vosso passado. Tentem mais ou menos responder às perguntas, porque, acreditem, ajuda.

Your character was most likely a child at one point, and if not then we'd really like to know why not. In fact, your character was probably a purely mortal child to begin with, and may or may not have had any kithain relatives at all. While kithain are more likely to have faerie babies than non-kithain, a faerie soul can choose anyone in the world to settle in with. We require backgrounds to include some mention of a childhood, parenting and growing up. We expect you'll tell us about your character's personality, and perhaps an event or two that shaped his or her life. Questions to contemplate include:
1) Why was this particular child so attractive to your faerie soul? Was he or she chosen at random? Did your faerie soul have a choice at all?
2) What are your parents like? Do you still have their support? Are they 'in on the joke' at all? Are they mortal? Kithain? Kinain? If they are kithain, are they in the Forgetting?
3) How does your mortal side view other people? Does he or she have strong views? Is your mortal half well cared-for?

Growing up as a faerie is tough. You've got to cling to your childlike belief when all the world tells you not to. And even if you didn't undergo a chrysalis yet, it's still the Awkward Age and the teenage years. Those are not easy. There must be some mention of adolescence and teenage years, and we hope to see some of these questions answered:
1) What does your mortal side want out of life?
2) What does your mortal side want to do or be? Most people aren't completely off in the land of knights and princesses and dragons; what did your character aspire to do in the mortal world?
3) Did you finish high school? Get into college? A good college? How? Good grades? Scholarship? Sidhe friends in high places?

Chances are your character is a full fae by now, and is at least teetering on the edge of adulthood.
1) What does your character do? "Daddy's money" is a cop-out, and those people usually have a lot less money in real life than you'd think. After all, if Daddy's really that rich, he probably got that way by not entrusting it all to his children.
2) What does your character want?
3) What motivates him or her? Family? Desire for success? Desire to stay out of jail?


Sometimes a chrysalis occurs during childhood, with the pleasures of life all new as the first spring day. Sometimes it doesn't occur until the character is old and the character is enjoying a second childhood, or a renaissance of glamour. Much of the time, it occurs during adolescence, when the mortal brain is seething with emotion, hormones, and pent-up frustration. Usually, something happens to trigger a chrysalis, and it isn't always a moment of great alarm. It's often something important to the character, such as financial troubles, getting a date to the prom, your first job, your first day at school, that one birthday party where Alex from school showed up and ruined everything and you wanted to get back at him...
Ahem. Excuse me. Anyways, please pick something more original than "a mugger showed up and I kicked his ass" because I've seen that done, and done to death. That's beating an undead horse to death *again*. Plus, we're not werewolves. Even if you're a troll, there are far more ways to protect someone than against physical harm, it's a more compelling story if someone else is in danger, and getting mugged by someone you don't know is not as cool as any of a million other things that could threaten you, your girlfriend, your best friend, your twin, your mother, your father, or whomever else is in your story.

You should know, when writing your chrysalis story, that faeries often have access to powers during their chrysalis that they might never be able to access again, or at least will require lots of training and practice before they get close to doing so reliably. You're the Dreaming's favorite child for a bit. Have fun. A chrysalis lasts until the faerie experiencing it accepts his or her role in the world as a fae."

Outras Coisas A Incluir:

- Hobbies, Hábitos, Manias, Gostos, Objectivos.

- Pessoas Importantes (Amigos ou Inimigos) e Items Importantes.

- Descrição física e psicológica.

- Quem faz parte da vossa entourage?