RIP Crossby

Este ano tem sido trágico para todos nós que gostamos de RPGs.

N. Robin Crossby, criador de Harn, do Harnmaster e do mundo de Keléstia, faleceu a 23 de Julho. Eis a mensagem no seu site.

"As many of you will by now know, on 23 July 2008, N Robin Crossby, the creator of Hârn, HârnMaster and the universe of Keléstia, passed on to Yàsháin.

Robin had been suffering from liposarcoma or fat-cell-cancer in his bowel that was discovered in January 2006. He underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy, and was briefly in remission in 2007. Robin is survived by his wife Sharon, his three daughters, his three siblings, his father and many friends all over the world."

E mais um grande que nos deixa. O vazio causado este ano no mundo de RPGs é tremendo.

Adeus Crossby e obrigado por tudo.