Seeds of Betrayal


She savored his blood with vengeful cruelty and slowly let his weight slip until he fell to the ground. This dim playboy was like an expensive poodle, who never knew anything his whole life and so he died the same way, blind and dumb. Between pleasure and pain, that's how these hedonistic ignorants waste their blood, oblivious to their inherent gifts of wealth and beauty. She knew that Alain Monfort, the elder, was so much more than that, but even so she wondered why he wasted his time with such mortal fools. They were now leaving the party as she reentered the pavilion through a side door.

She certainly would not wish to be seen. If any of them would so much smirk at her disfigured face, Alice would most probably frenzy and initiate a massacre. She wished the elder would have chosen a more reclusive scenery for their meeting. Knowing him, he probably chose the Royal Pavilion Green on purpose, the french bastard.

Inspite her being cloaked in Obfuscate, it seemed Monfort had already noticed her. Fortunately, he respected her enough not to disturb her emotions with his Majesty, not that he needed it. Alain was naturately polite, handsome and persuasive. Only the aura of his years constantly warned any vampire of the danger he represented. They met at the end of the rose garden, where the light was warm and the shadows were dark-yellow.

"Alice the priestess, our underestimated leader of the Inner Circle." - he smiled as usual.

"Good evening, Monsieur Monfort." - she bowed in reverence to elder blood.

"I trust you have not been followed and that my trust in you has not been betrayed."

"I wouldn't dare to deceive a deceiver. One betrayal is quite enough for me."

"Then you will listen to my offer?" - he sat at the bench and bid her to join him.

"You said you could break the bound that binds me. That is hardly enough."

"That is just the beginning, Alice. I wish to give you a new body, one that deserves your keen, amibitious spirit."

She was startled by this proposal and, for a moment, pondered if she would believe him.

"A new face? A new body? That is nothing. I can make up my own ilusions, deceiver."

"What I am offering you is not a deception, priestess. It is the real mortal body of a young girl, one that you can take for your own."

Alice sensed he wasn't lying, she knew the wealth of powers that Bran possessed and that Alain had his own knowledge of infernal sorcery. "Be careful what you wish for...", she told herself. Alain was waiting for an answer.

"And if I refuse?" - she considered out loud.

"That is an unjust question, my dear. I shall do what I must, with or without you, but don't consider yourself threatened. Consider yourself lucky."

"You have read my mind as an open book, my elder. You have planned this for years. How can I reject your offer?"

"Alice, I come to you with absolute sincerity. Not only will I give you the blessings of a new mortal body, but I shall also teach you how it is done. This is your opportunity to cast away the shackles of your fate. Indeed, how could you reject my offer?"

"Yes, Alain. I accept."

...doesn't it reveal too much about the plot? Agora ficamos de pé atrás. :)

Então a Marlene vai ficar possuída pelo espírito da Alice of the Inner Circle - very curious...

Quick Ian, pôr a Marlene blood-bound! Vamos impedir estes infernalistas de um raio de andar sempre a usurpar os corpos de gente inocente!



Actually, JAcob, acho q o corpo que o Alain oferecia era o da mocinha em coma; do qual a Alice ja se apoderou. But I'm with you... nunca se sabe! Matamos a Marlene so para prevenir!

Curti o discurso do Alain... odeio admitir, mas o Francês tem um certo charme...

[quote=Ikki chan]Actually, JAcob, acho q o corpo que o Alain oferecia era o da mocinha em coma; do qual a Alice ja se apoderou.[/quote]E assim se juntam as peças do puzzle... Esta conversa entre eles provavelmente ocorreu meses antes de vocês começarem a campanha.

No entanto, não é novidade que o Ian quer matar a Marlene :)