Selling some games

Dear all,

I unfortunately have to get rid of some of my games, and thought to post them here, for anyone interested.

All the games have been opened and partialy punched, in case of the wargames, but have only been played once or not at all, and are in general in excellent shape. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about any of them.

Opus Dei: Existence after religion (Dema Games) - 15€.

Pacific Typhoon (GMT) - 15€.

Crusader (The Gamers/MMP) - 40€.

Aspern-Essling (The Gamers/MMP) - 35€.

Asia Engulfed (GMT) - I will not sell it, but will be happy to trade with newer games, so suggest an offer.

I imagine bringing the games to a wednesday game meeting in Lisboa. If mailing to anywhere else in Portugal, I will probably have to add the sending price to the game price.