The Aegis Project de John Wick já à Venda

O senhor John Wick continua a dar-lhe, e fez sair, recentemente, mais um livro no seu já habitual modelo "rpg por 5 dólares". Desta feita, "The Aegis Project", um jogo de Mechas\drama ao estilo dos anos 80. O Aegis Project não é um normal "mini jogo", tendo sim cerca de 170 páginas, valendo muito bem o seu preço.

Está à venda no site do John Wick e no Drivethru RPG pelos costumeiros 5 USD.

An Epic Science Fiction Game from the Author of Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea and Houses of the Blooded.

In the middle of the 30th Century, the discovery of interstellar travel allowed mankind to spread its reach to the stars. At the end of the 40th Century, mankind had its first contact with alien life. By the beginning of the 50th Century, mankind was an endangered species.

- Ubamé Vills, The Rise and Fall of Humanity

Inspired by a request to make a “gritty 80’s mech game,” The Aegis Project includes rules for three very different different eras spanning five centuries. Three different settings with distinct feels and rules.

The First Era

Mankind develops “Aegis Armor” to defend itself against an alien enemy bent on human extinction.

The Second Era

A brutal civil war divides mankind threatening everything he has gained.

The Third Era

A dark covert war against an AI enemy who will either uplift man or destroy him.

When you run out of food, when you run out of bullets, when you run out of bandages, all you have left is hope. Kill a man’s hope and you win the war.
- Taven Shaval, Rebellion Leader of Olume V Colony