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"Twenty million, twenty-one million, twenty-two million... hey! Where’s the rest of my bonus?" The CEO’s voice does not match his elegant, tailor-made suit. "But sir..." the accountant protests, "you have bankrupted this company. Your employees have lost their pensions. Surely you can...". "Stop whining", the CEO interrupts him. "Clearly you don’t understand business at all. How am I supposed to pay for adequate transportation if I do not get my bonus? Make sure you transfer the money, today!". He slams the door of his white limousine and drives off, heading for a new challenge.

Greed, incorporated is a game of corporate malversations and greedy executives. You run one or more companies and make their accounting books look as good as possible using every trick that good old honest businessmen ever invented. And some more. Just make sure to leave the company, cashing your exit bonus, before the company crashes and the credit crunch commences.


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Era muito sexy. Vou considerar Tongue out