VERGE RPG: Playtest and Critique of the Best Cyberpunk Game Ever

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VERGE RPG: Playtest and Critique of the Best Cyberpunk Game Ever

So, last week at Yukicon (pics later) Emily, Adam and I played a game of Verge. I had literally been up a few hours the day before going through the game, and man. Incredible. Lots of great shit in here. Definitely needs a little ironing and reframing, but otherwise this thing is totally excellent. Literally, after looking at this and what it can do I really can't bring myself to run cyberpunk-style games with the traditional Cyberpunk rules, Shadowrun, etc.

Before I tear it apart here on my LJ, I gotta say: Get your ASS over to Adam Dray's VERGE site and download it:

It is good. I'm posting my critique and comments here for all to see so that Adam can respond, and those that follow along can have The Answer for when they do their own playtesting.

For the viewers at home, to be quick this game is basically a blend of Prime Time Adventures (framing scenes) and Dogs in the Vineyard (all the crap on your sheets you pull on in conflict to get yourself more dice, including allies and equipment). I'm not going to go too much further into it from there, because you can check the game out for yourself on Adam's site, above.

I will list the unique things about this game:

  1. The player sets up all his enemies and weaknesses to be drawn upon. He essentially sets up his own conflicts and plotlines.
  2. In a conflict, the GM does not set a difficulty: The player does. The player says, "Hmmm, I just want to blow through this and look cool, so I'll set the difficulty at '3 dice' ", or, "This is IT. This is the Big Climax. Set me up against 10 dice, baby!" Now, you can only get experience in the game by giving yourself hard challenges, so it all balances out.

Anyway, this is the "main gimmick" behind this game, IMO. It's not just a cheap pull or something that's out of place- Adam put a lot of thought into making it work, and it shows. It's not just a "LOOKIT MY UNIQUE RULE IMPLEMENTATIOXXORZ!!!" The surrounding text needs some cleaning up, of course.

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Mistura de PTA com DitV e com mais tralha pelo meio, num ambiente cyberpunk? Parece lindo... e é de graça, pelo menos por enquanto! Tenho de experimentar este muito em breve!

[quote=ricmadeira]Atenção, Jota, atenção, Jota! Viste isto:

VERGE RPG: Playtest and Critique of the Best Cyberpunk Game Ever [/quote]

Parece muito fixe!!! Será que com isto vos convenço a experimentar o setting do ShadowRun 4? Adicionava-se a magia e era só jogar... Enfim.

Qdo puderes jogar (q sorte a Diana ser tão pacífica) eu alinho :)


Epa, isto até a mim soa interessante. Se vocês quiserem ler/mestrar, eu candidato-me a ser vossa cobaia como jogadora ;)

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