White Wolf regressa às prateleiras das lojas

White Wolf's release schedule for the next 12 months is now being distributed to industry channels. Included in the schedule are several books that have been previously only available through digital download, now reformatted for print. As we continue to develop our PDF initiative, we're certainly aware of fan enthusiasm for having previously PDF-only titles in printed form. Rather than wait any longer, a selection of titles has now been put into full print run status, and we'll be announcing a new PDF product line-up in early August that complements this print schedule.

Book of Mirrors (World of Darkness)
Mage Chronicler's Guide (Mage the Awakening)
Core rulebook restock (Exalted, Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, WOD, Changeling)

Return of Scarlet Empress (Exalted)
Signs of the Moon (Werewolf the Forsaken)

Glories of the Most High (Exalted)

New Wave Requiem (Vampire the Requiem)
Danse Macabre (Vampire the Requiem)

The Fear-Maker's Promise (Changeling SAS book: The Fear-Maker's Promise, The Rose-Bride's Plight. Ready-made Lost PCs)

Thousand Correct Actions (Exalted)

Block by Bloody Block (Hunter the Vigil)

Yazata: Gods of Persia (Scion)

Testament of Longinus (Vampire the Requiem)

The Harvesters (World of Darkness SAS book: Chicago Workings, The Harvesters. Ready-made WoD PCs)

The Patchwork Scroll (Exalted collection of: Debris from the Fallen Races, Splinters of the Wyld, Lost Arts of the Dead, and The Imperfect Lotus)

Invite Only (Vampire the Requiem)

A maioria são produtos que anteriormente só existiam em PDF e agora passam a ser impressos apesar de não ser bem claro se será já em PoD.

E é de notar que ainda há-de ser anunciar outra lista com mais produtos não sendo estes os únicos.

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