World of Darkness MMPORG confirmado

Parece que o joguinho de que se falava à tanto tempo já está confirmado se bem que não vai sair tão cedo como se dizia. Já podemos andar aí a morder pescoços, e em vez de sermos os herois, somos os vilões.

Rumours be damned, the news is official now. EVE Online developer CCP is working hard with White Wolf on the World of Darkness MMOG, so take a deep breath and relax.

In the MMO, “you are the monster,” they tease. Your online persona will be struggling with “the evil that lurks” inside us all. They reckon it’ll be “two to three times” more popular than EVE.

“Its flagship property, the World of Darkness, has a rich history of over 18 years of creative development and is now the basis of one of CCP’s major virtual world projects. Currently in preproduction, The World of Darkness is the undying heart of the development efforts in CCP’s North American office,” reads CCP North America’s corporate bio.

CCP Games and White Wolf merged a while back, in late 2006, and so a marriage between the latter’s dark RPG and the MMO space was inevitable. A document from July '08 helped clear up some of what fans can expect when the World of Darkness MMO releases:

“In the World of Darkness, you are the monster, struggling to remember the memory of your humanity while you struggle against the evil that lurks within us all. CCP and White Wolf are now hard at work in pre-production on the World of Darkness the persistent world.”

“Given the World of Darkness legacy, its large fan base, and proven appeal to both genders, we estimate the subscriber potential of this product to be two to three times that of EVE Online, without competing head on with CCP’s existing products thus enabling wider total appeal.” It also pegged a 2010 release date, but that seems erm, out-dated.

Este é o MMO que pode roubar mais gente ao City of Heroes- mas, para só sair da casca em 2010/2011, tem que ser muito bom .