I am now the proud owner of www.jogostabuleiro.com, and I need your help in making it work.

Hi everyone. Firstly, sorry for writing in English but this is a bit complex and it would take me three times as long to write in Portuguese. Please reply in tuga.

I've been involved in setting up a gaming group in Faro, together with Pedro and Christophe. Like all of you, we've noticed how hard it is to explain to people just what all these crazy games are. And yet when people see videos of LeiriaCon etc., are lot are quite curious and would like to try something. So we thought that if we are going to do any promotion, we need to have a place for people with curiosity to take the next step and find out a bit more. There would be some descriptions, nice photos of recently-showered people playing games, clips from videos of LeiriaCon etc.

And then from there, links to regional groups, other sites and information about what's going on.

As great as Abreojogo is as a community and discussion board, it's just not the place to send someone new.

So... I'm planning two simple things.

1) Set up a small site for Faro where we can put announcements of events etc. This would be at something like www.jogostabuleiro.com/grupos/faro. I'll probably run it with wordpress if I can make it look pretty.

2) Set up a small site at www.jogostabuleiro.com which can (deep breath) be an entry point for the entire portuguese gamers world. The idea is not to replace abreojogo, but to be a nonscary place for people to start, learn about games, find other sites and maybe a local group. There would be just a few pages. Something like: Bemvindo, Que são estes jogos, Quero jogar [Com grupos regionis], Onde encontro mais, e - se calhar - Movidades. There could also be regional email addresses for contact i.e. [email protected]

The links would be the most important, to abreojogo and other portuguese-language sites as well as to a few key english language sites like BGG, and of course with direct links to regional groups.

I have two problems that I'm hoping you can help me with.

First, I'm not Portuguese. My portuguese would be ugly and full of mistakes. I need someone to write the text of these pages. Simple, welcoming text that introduces people to the gaming world. Also, it just seems wrong for me to be welcoming people to portuguese gaming. What crazy messed-up message does that send?

Second, I'm not a graphic designer. I don't think the "look" is worth doing a lot of work for, but I would need some help to put together some simple html/css with some nice images - or support in customizing a wordpress template to make it pretty.

What do you think? Am I doing this the right way? Anyone want to be part of this?


Hey. How is the website and your group in Faro?