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What is “LARP” (Live Action RolePlay)?

LARP it is a form of playful improvisational theatre with an expressive interpretation and interaction, through a fictional alter-ego (“Character”) created by each one “Player” that acts in a fantasy world created by a “Storyteller” (ST) based on the settings of the books of the WhiteWolf in respect of all those who participate.

The ST creates the plot in which every character has a role and various goals to achieve and where every singular action could lead to different outcomes: it is not a “pre-made” story, but every player contributes to the development of the story itself.

A sort of escapism but with the awareness of living in an imaginary world only when we decide, all togheter, to enter and act in it.

We want to organize LARP events with gothic and fantasy themes, also with the possibility to wear a costume, for those they desire to characterize the interpretation of their character, always in respect of the other players and of the people and places where we are supposed to perform our events, in full compliance with social rules and good living.

Since those events will be reserved to the players, we want to invite anyone who is interested in to spectate to them to try to participate actively in the evening, playing as a background actor with a marginal role provided by the ST, in order to try to be themselves a part of the plot and enjoy better the event.

What is Vampire: the Masquerade?

In Vampire, characters play vampires, also called Kindred, descendants of Caine (the Biblical Cain), cursed with a thirst for blood, vulnerability to sunlight and immortality. Vampires are forever subject to the Beast, their raging animal urges of hunger, fear and rage.

Vampires generally live in cities, which are run feudally by Princes; life in a city is one of constant political manipulation and paranoia, as the powers of the city vie for power, control and food.

Vampires are creatures ruled by fear, most importantly the fear of exposure to the Kine, everyday humanity. Since the Inquisition the majority of vampires have lived under the Masquerade, an enforced campaign to hide the existence of the Kindred from humanity.

Vampire is a game of personal horror: the characters are continually forced to walk a moral tightrope between their need to survive and the horrific means by which they ensure it.

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